Ise Udon


Simple, thick, soft and sticky noodles

Ise Udon

Long-boiled, extra-thick and soft udon noodles dipped in soup. This rich and slightly-sweetened soup is made of dashi, such as katsuobushi and iriko, mixed with tamari-joyu. This udon is eaten simply with chopped spring onions on top. It is said that Ise udon was originated by the farmers in Ise area before the Edo period who ate udon with their traditional seasoning, Tamari from miso, and it became more popular by adding dashi to it. Later, some of the restaurants started serving the udon to people visiting Ise shrine, and it became the popular food in Ise. The local families still cook this udon noodles as their staple dish.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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