Saera no teppou


Fat is little and small one

Saera no teppou

When "Saera" who has moved south in Kinan coast (saury) will be rich in a little small saury of fat, and takes sushi, it's very good. It was being made as a treat of a fine food in the Kinan area from the past.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Saury (the inside)12-13 tail
  • Vinegar and sugarproper amount
  • Rice1 measure

[ Blended vinegar ]

  • Vinegar1 gou
  • Sugar140g
  • Salt35g
Saury is opened on the previous day and salty taste is done.
I wash the saury which did salty taste in water in the next morning, take a bone and an ossicle in the water and drain enough.
The fish off which I drained water in a little vinegar is put with that for a short while.
In vinegar of the degree with which fish is flooded, sugar, during adding to a little, it's put for about 2 hours.
(When orange vinegar and citron vinegar are used instead of vinegar, it's still good.)
The saury put in the vinegar is drawn up and vinegar (juice) is cut.
Vinegared rice is made and a gun is made.
(Rice is given a ride on the fish and the shape is arranged.)

Information provided by : Wakayama-ken Marine Products Division of agriculture and forestry Agricultural production bureau The fruit gardening department



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