Izumo soba


Traditional soba noodles of Izumo, which were uniquely invented from emergency foods

Izumo soba

Soba noodles made by a unique method called “hikigurumi” which grinds soba seeds together with the husk. It gives rich aroma of soba, blackish color and chewy texture, and this is the original flavor of soba noodles.
Since soba does not require a long time to grow, Soba was a valuable crop in Izumo area which suffered a lot of disasters since the Heian Period. People in Izumo area used to use soba for porridge and dumplings instead of rice, however they started making soba into noodles later in the Edo Period. Then Matsue Feudal lord and also a master of tea ceremony, Fumai or Harusato Matsudaira loved the natural flavor of yakigurumi soba, and took it into Chakaiseki. There were shops of Izumo noodles in the late Edo Period and became a place where people came and socialize.

Information provided by : Catalog of Shimane Cuisines, Shimane Shokuzanmai

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