Echizenoroshi Soba


“Soba” a delicacy of Fukui with a long history of more than 400 years

Echizenoroshi Soba

A soba dish served with a lot of daikon oroshi (grated radish) and dashi. It is said that Echizenoroshi Soba was invented when the feudal lord in the Edo Period ordered to cultivate soba as an emergency food, and it was recommended to eat soba with daikon from Echizen and dashi. There is a variety of Echizenoroshi Soba today depending on the areas. In some area daikonoroshi is served over soba with dashi on the side, and in other area daikonoroshi and dashi are mixed first and poured on soba before eating. In Fukui Prefecture there are many restaurants which serve oroshi soba, and it has become a popular healthy dish of Fukui Prefecture which is noted for the longevity of its people.

Information provided by : Gutabi

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