This Udon simmered in broth is a perfect dish for a cold winter day


Okkirikomi means to put together chopped ingredients. It is also called Himokawa Udon. Family used to eat this dish in cold windy night. This menu is used to be a very simple main staple with Daikon, leek and Udon noodle (Hikokawa) for dinner.

Recipi of cuisin

[ For noodle ]

  • Wheat flour200g
  • Lukewarm water100cc
  • salt1/2 table spoon
  • flour for handling the doughas needed
  • Pumpkin50g
  • Daikon80g
  • Potato1
  • Gobo80g
  • Naganegi (leek)100g
  • Meat100g
  • Hakusai (Chinese cabbage)150g
  • Shiitake mushroom100g
  • Carrots50g
  • Aburaage1 piece
  • Komatsuna50g
  • Miso4 tbs
  • Niboshi (dried sardines)5 pieces
  • Sake1tbs
  • Water1.8litter

[ Condiment ]

  • Shichimi TogarashiAs you like
  • YuzuAs you like
Mix salt and lukewarm water, add this to flour in a bowl and knead until it is the similar texture with your earlobe.
Put this dough into a big plastic bag and let is rest for 30 minutes. Keep the dough in a plastic bag and step on with your feet.
Roll the dough into thin flat using a rolling pin and flour if necessary, hold it into a third and cut it into 1cm ribbons.
Cut pumpkin and potato into small pieces, cut Hakusai (Chinese cabbage) into 2cm wide strip, cut Daikon and Carrots into quarter slice, slice shiitake into a skinny strips and chop Gobo.Put water and Niboshi (dried sardine) and all the cut vegetables into a large pot and cook until soften.
Add small pieces of leek and add noodle once the water is boiled. When noodle is cooked, add miso and season to the taste. Dish it after everything is cooked.
Add 3cm cut boiledKomatuna
Add Shichimi Togarashi and Yuzu as you like.
You can use Soy sauce instead of Miso for this dish

Information provided by : Saitama traditional local food recipe book

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