Miwa soumen


A delicacy of Yamato, introduced throughout to Japan by the visitors to Ise Shrine

Miwa soumen

Miwa somen is eaten all year round in Yamato – in a hot soup in winter, which is called nyumen, and in a cold soup with seasonal ingredients in summer. Miwa somen is famous for its thinness and firm or chewy texture, which is made with good-quality flour and water, and the accomplished noodle-making technique. It is said the origin of Miwa soumen is muginawa which was made more than 1200 years ago in Miwa area located in the middle of Yamato. Later in the Edo period Miwa somen became popular among the visitors to Ise shrine described as “Yamato Sanwa somen is a delicacy of Yamato, so thin like a string, and so white like snow” then it was introduced nationally through word of mouth. It is still a popular souvenir in Nara Prefecture.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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