Bungo-Takada Soba


Commitment to the side made in a place is realized. The organic soba grown at spring and autumn

Bungo-Takada Soba

I think a soba lover has a lot of people looking forward to a soba noodle made from newly harvested buckwheat season once in a year, too, but "near Bungo-takada" is spring, autumn and the unusual soba grown twice a year. It's learned even that I'm putting the emphasis on the near production as a community, and I produce and process it, and Bungotakada-shi is doing one all reconciliation at the city. When it's without agricultural chemicals and grown soba is offered to Bungotakada-shi by "it's taken and established, one just boiled", there is 9 stores of "authorization store near" the hand-made a city authorized. When visiting, could you drop in by all means?

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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