Morioka Jaja Men


Born in China, raised in Morioka – flat noodles topped with savoury meat and miso paste

Morioka Jaja Men

Morioka Jaja Men is a dish of udon-like flat noodles topped with minced meat and miso paste, and chopped leeks and cucumbers. The savoury paste and vegetables must be mixed well with the noodles before eating. Grated ginger, vinegar, or chili oil are also good to add for flavour. Inspired by Zhajiangmian, a noodle meal made at homes in Northeast China, Morioka Jaja Men was born at a food stall in the city, which underwent many changes to cater to the taste of the local people, until it has become what it is today. It is common to finish the dish by making a special egg soup by adding noodle cooking water and an egg to the paste left in your bowl.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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