Ayu no Ishiyaki


A delicacy of Ayu with a bitter flavor of the liver and roasted miso in harmony.

Ayu no Ishiyaki

A specialty of Hamochi Area with Ayu cooked outside on a heated stone and seasoned with miso made in Sado. The bitterness of Ayu liver and the aroma of roasted miso are in great harmony. The Ayu miso could be pasted on grilled eggplants as a side dish for sake, or it could be a great seasoning for onigiri. Small but tasty natural Ayu are caught in the river of the island. The season of Ayu fishing in Hamochi river opens on August 1st every year, and the best season to enjoy "Ayu no Ishiyaki" at the riverside is between August 2nd to the middle of October.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

Regional fast food