Matsue Ramen


Light flavored ramen seasoned with salt, a popular taste of old times. Also, a budget-friendly dish.

Matsue Ramen

The noodles of the Matsue Ramen are medium thick and wavy, and have an aroma of lye water. It is known that most of the ramen shops use noodles made in the same noodle-making factory. The soup is seasoned with salt, very light with little fat, and almost transparent. They are usually seasoned from the beginning without using a salt sauce. The dashi for the soup is usually made with pork and chicken bones, but some ramen shops use shijimi which is the specialty of Matsue. Chopped roasted pork, aonegi, moyashi, and memma are used for the topping. Matsue Ramen is also popular for its budget-friendly price.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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