Yomogi Mochi (mugwort rice cake)


A seasonal recipe of spring to wish for good fortune

Yomogi Mochi (mugwort rice cake)

Yomogi Mochi is prepared to celebrate Onzosan on April 15th of the luna calendar. People pick buds of yomogi (mugwort) and ogo (leaves of wild grass), mix them in the mochi (rice cake), and eat them wishing for health and good fortune. The mochi can also be served for hinasekku, the girl’s festival.

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  • glutinous rice2.8kg
  • briefly boiled yomogi4 cups
  • salt45g
  • bean paste2kg
  • baking soda to remove harshnesslittle
Remove harshness from the yomogi with baking soda.
Steam the glutinous rice and pound them into mochi in a mortar. When it is half way done, add yomogi (1) and a little salt, and pound well.
◎Pound well after adding yomogi.
Make 40 balls with the bean paste. Wrap them with pounded mochi.
◎Mochi will become tasty on its own when salt is added.
◎Mochi can be stretched and cut into rectangles without adding salt.
◎Covering the mochi with wet dish towels make the appearance good.

Information provided by : Aichi lore cuisine collection


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