Traditional food necessary to a Boys' Festival


The traditional food eaten in a Boys' Festival. The old days were made with each household, but to take time with serious time, such as stuffing glutinous rice, winding bamboo grass and boiling for about 3 hours, the house which isn't made by hand in recent years is increasing. When eating, bamboo grass is removed, soybean flour is put with that much and the sweetness and the rice cake rice cake food texture are enjoyed. There are the part and the area which fermented soybeans is put and yellow Jell-O boiled by lye-like bamboo grass volume and the place where I have that and eat by molasses. The custom that I eat at the prefecture whole field roots, but how to wind depends on an area. "Triangle book" and "warble book (fist book)" it's divisible big, and by which 5 are here and are seen in the whole field. The "bamboo shoot book" conical in the Shonai area is the mainstream. It's the feature it'll be the square package document called "chopper book" in the Murayama area, and that there is walnuts with the Ototashi area wrapped like a candy "horn book".

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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