I'm diligent and healthy, you can live, a dumpling from pea university which included a wish


Wheat dumpling with walnuts of the pea large. Brown sugar is put in by a taste. Because the history of the name is made the pea large. The wish I say is included saying you can live safely again healthily healthily industriously. It was made as "pot" on the first 7th of a celebration of a wedding and a Buddhist ceremony as an event food and food of clear sky.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Flour200g
  • Mukigurumi30g
  • Carrot70g
  • Burdock80g
  • Grilled tofu150g
  • Thin fried tofu40g
  • Dried gourd shaving10g
  • Drying shimeji mushroom15g
  • Soy sauce45cc
  • Dried kelp used as a base for soup stock15 cm
  • Dried small sardine5-6
  • Starcha little
  • Salta little
Water, seaweed and dried small sardine are put in and soup stock is made.
Carrot and burdock tear up rounded and quartered slices and thin fried tofu, and grilled tofu cuts the rhombic limit and dried gourd shaving into the length of the 1.5cm. It's dried and shimeji mushroom is rehydrated by water.
Salt is put in flour a little, it's kneaded by water and it's shared with the size of the thumb big place, and makes sure roundly that the contents won't go out including the whole direction. MAMEBU made round covers with starch so as not to touch.
In a pot, 1. The soup stock which is so and 2. If vegetables put in the vege.

Information provided by : Iwate-ken Marine Products Division of agriculture and forestry The agricultural spread technological department

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