The food texture of the noodles which are mikata in thick sweets of adzuki beans. Japanese Suites Hotel transmitted to a hometown


The specialty which made "BOUTOU of adzuki beans" which is local food roots "rescue of adzuki beans". The gem which represents a traditional dish of the country where you're being brought up by Higashichichibu-mura in Saitama-ken and are enjoying as "the taste of the home" from the past. It was the feature that I have given the small form of "mi (It was seen.)" to flour, not to put in noodles like houtou, and because noodles of flour were eaten while rescuing adzuki beans in small "mi", the name of "rescue of adzuki beans" was named. A harmony of the material made in a place of flour and adzuki beans also creates the fresh taste dearly somewhere.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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