Hako zushi (Osaka zushi)


A food of hospitality collaborated by wood-box artisans and professional sushi chefs

Hako zushi (Osaka zushi)

This is a kind of sushi, which is made with shrimps, sliced fish and sumeshi (vinegary rice), layered and pressed into a wood box, called “oshi (press) zushi” or “Osaka zushi.” Oshizushi was introduced to Osaka during the Meiji period using mackerels and aji at that time, however it was altered into the current “hakozushi” style with high-grade fish such as snappers, shrimps and anago as a delicacy dish for guests. This has become a popular staple food of hospitality due to the beautiful collaborated work of wood-box artisans and sushi chefs. The number of the restaurants which serve hakozushi has been declining as it takes a lot of time and effort to make it, however its traditional technique and flavor have been passed down for generations.

Information provided by : Gurutabi (Association of Osaka tourism, Osaka Tourist Office)


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