Summer, hand-rolled sushi and autumn are Osaka-style pressed sushi. You try 2 kinds of taste by all means, oh!


Because JA KO was caught richly at Kinokawa before, bisque did this, and the simmered one was made sushi. This sushi passed for one day since summer was eaten by hand-shaped sushi and it was pushed towards a sushi box in time of the autumn festival, and the one with which the taste was matched was eaten. KO sushi is commercialized and is local specialties in Kinokawa city present.

Recipi of cuisin

for 10 persons

  • Rice1 measure
  • Seaweed10cm
  • Liquortablespoon 2
  • Salttablespoon 1

[ Blended vinegar ]

  • Vinegar200cc
  • Sugar160g
  • Salt and sweet rice cooking wineeach tablespoon 1
  • At a river, KO60 tail

[ Broth ]

  • Sugartablespoon 8
  • Soy saucetablespoon 6
  • Liquortablespoon 3
  • Sweet rice cooking winetablespoon 2
  • Aspidistra
KO takes entrails, bakes it by charcoal and dries a warehouse wind for 1 day at a river.
Including JA KO baked in a pot, a farce, soakingly, I put it in and cook for about 1 hour.
The seasoning is added to broth of(2) and it's boiled down for about 1 hour by low flames.
I wash rice, give it in zaura, put in colleague's water, seaweed, liquor and salt, cook, pour blended vinegar over it and dampen.
An aspidistra is washed and wiped up, and it's cut into the length of the sushi tub. An aspidistra is put in the sushi tub, this topping is given a ride by grasped sushi rice and(3) one and it's stuffed accurately. The second dan stitches can also be tight in the same way, and the weight is made light and it's put for about 1 day.

Information provided by : Wakayama-ken Marine Products Division of agriculture and forestry Agricultural production bureau The fruit gardening department.


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