Growing from a street stall dish to 庶民の味(a people's favorite)!
A typical boiled food originated from miso-dengaku (skewed and roasted こんにゃくKonnyaku or tofu with sweet miso sauce).


Oden started from miso-dengaku. People started boiling the skewered and sweet-miso-topped Konnyaku. This is the origin of “Nikomi Oden (boiled oden)”. Oden, which started in Edo city, was spread to Kansai Area as “Kantodaki”. Speaking of Oden's best matched 薬味(condiment), it is Karashi: Japanese mustard. It seems that when Oden bacame popular among people as a street stall dish, Karash was served along with Oden to sterillize it due to the unsanitary conditions of the stalls.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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