Funa Sushi


A nationally famous nare sushi which tastes a bit peculiar but tasty?

Funa Sushi

Entrails, except for ovaries, are removed from large funa from lake Biwa, and stuffed with salt before being left for around three months under a weight. The fish are then removed and washed, stuffed again with a mixture of rice and salt, and left again for up to two years before being eaten. Usually only the fish is eaten, but many locals also enjoy the rice stuffing which turns into a paste. As it is a fermented food, many people shy away from the unique smell, however there are also many people who are crazy for it.

Recipi of cuisin

for 10 persons

  • buna with salt removed20-25
  • rice3 masu and 5 go
  • sake1 go
Wash funa under running water to remove salt. It is important to remove salt content from inside too by gently pouring water down the throat. Be careful not to wash out roe.
Remove remaining scales with a brush while washing, paying special attention to the base of the dorsal and pelvic fins, and around the base of the head.
Rub the whole fish with a brush under running water until it starts to shine. Remove most of the black colored skin. Rub the back of the gill cover with your thumb and forefinger to remove slime.
Wipe dry with kitchen paper (including inside the head), and hang from tails in an airy place in the shade overnight (at least a few hours).
Pickle the funa with rice. First place a double-layered plastic bag in a tub. Dip your hands in sake, and make a 2-3cm layer of rice in the bottom of the tub, pressing flat.
Pack the rice in the funa.
Lay the rice-stuffed fish side by side in the tub so as not to overlap.
Put enough rice on top of the first layer to cover all fish, and press firmly to fill gaps.
Place another layer of rice-stuffed fish perpendicular to the first, as in instruction 7. Repeat the process layering fish and rice.
Finish with a layer of rice and close the plastic bags one at a time. Press firmly.
Lay a thick nawa rope around the inside of the tub, on top of the plastic bag. Put an inner lid on the rope, place a weight (around 20kg) on the lid, and leave for around a week.
After a week, add an extra 10kg weight to the lid.
※Smell can be contained by covering the whole tub with a plastic bag under the weight, and tying with string.

Information provided by : Oishii Collection Of Shiga Prefecture


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