Ikenda-ni Miso


A fisherman’s dish packed with fresh seafood and flavored with rich homemade miso.

Ikenda-ni Miso

‘Ikenodan’ is a place in Tsumekisaki, located at the tip of the Suzaki Peninsular in Shizuoka. A local fisherman’s dish called ‘ikenda miso-ni’ takes its name from the area, and consists of freshly caught seafood and seaweed boiled in a pot and flavored with miso. It is still widely eaten in ryokan, restaurants, and homes around the Suzaki area. Stock is taken from crustaceans such as fujitsubo (barnacles) and kamenote (Japanese goose barnacles), and contains many types of seafood including lobster, sazae (turban shells), crabs and rockfish. The variety of sumptuous ingredients creates a seafood broth that complements the deep flavor of miso.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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