Oma Maguro Cuisine


Premier brand of Pacific bluefin tuna nurtured in the rough waters of the Tsugaru Strait

Oma Maguro Cuisine

At the first auction of the year at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market in 2013, a 222-kg Pacific bluefin tuna landed at Oma Port was sold for a record high price of 155.4 million yen. Also known as kuro maguro (black tuna), Oma’s tuna swims in the rough waters of the Tsugaru Strait, where the currents of the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean meet, and this results in an excellent balance of the fat and meat. The fatty belly meat called toro, which resembles well-marbled wagyu beef, is so smooth and sweet that it melts right in your mouth. There are a variety of exquisite tuna dishes in Oma, such as Maguro Don (pieces of fresh tuna over rice), Teishoku (set menus with tuna as the main dish), deep-fried tuna cheek, and grilled offal meat.

Information provided by : Sales Strategy Division, Aomori Prefectural Office

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