Shimizu Sushi


A specialty of Shimizu City, home of one of Japan’s leading fishing ports.

Shimizu Sushi

Shimizu port in Shimizu city is one of the top three fishing ports in Japan, with a huge variety of fresh fish landed daily including Shimizu tuna, whitebait, sakura shrimp, Japanese horse mackerel, flounder, alfonsino, bonito, and grunts. Shimizu sushi made with this fresh seafood is well recognized by the local population as a local delicacy. Japan’s first sushi theme park ‘Shimizu Sushi Museum’ is operating in the entertainment park ‘S-pulse Dream Plaza’ in Shimizu. The museum is popular not only because you can learn about the history and culture of sushi, but you can also try the famous fresh seafood sushi at ‘Sushiya Yokocho’ within the premises.

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