A colourful traditional dish of mutsugoro


This is a kind of oshizushi prepared with mutsugoro. The ingredients differ depending on the seasons and each home, but this is a traditional style of sushi prepared with the seafood from Sea of Ariake and food from mountains presented colorfully on sushi-rice made of rice harvested in Suko. Suko-zushi has a long history in Shiraishi-cho Suko area, and has been served in festivals and celebrations. Suko-sushi is originated in the Edo period when the people of the area showed their appreciation to their feudal lord by giving “sushi”, and it has been carried on as a taste of home.

Recipi of cuisin

[ A ]

  • rice5 cups
  • もち米0.5合
  • 小さじ2/3

[ A ]

  • water2/5 cups
  • salt1/2 tablespoon
  • sake1 tablespoon

[ 合わせ酢 ]

  • vinegar1/2 cup
  • sugar100g
  • にんじん30g
  • しいたけ(乾)5枚

[ D ]

  • small bamboo shoot1
  • dried shiitake mushrooms3-4 pieces
  • 大さじ1
  • しょうゆ大さじ2

[ B ]

  • shoyu2 tablespoon
  • sugar1 tablespoon
  • きゅうり(季節によって木の芽)適宜
  • 奈良漬1/3枚
  • 紅生姜適宜
Put rice and A all together and cook
Get fish meat from Mutsugoro and cut into halves
Cut bamboo shoot into squares (Hyoushigiri)
Peel and devein shrimps, boil and marinate them in amazu
Cook eggs and make kinshitamago, steam kamaboko and cut into quarter slices (ichougiri), chop naraduke, and shred benishoga
Put cooked rice into morofuta (or jubako), and mix with awasezu. Spread rice and tenderly press and flat the surface. Then cut into 10cm square pieces.
Place mutsugoro on the middle of each square rice, and garnish with other ingredients.

Information provided by : Department of producers’ Assist and Production Promotion, Saga prefecture


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