Kachi Ebi Chirashizushi


Hospitality dish using close dried goods

Kachi Ebi Chirashizushi

The local food transmitted to Usa-shi where red shrimping is popular. It's made with the treat for which close dried goods were used well at a festival and a visitor. The one which boiled the red shrimp which is one kind of shrimps which can be passed at Buzen sea and made them dry combines dried goods of the shiitake mushroom which could be passed to this at the upper reaches on the river which flows through Usa plains and the beans grown at a ridge by "win shrimp".

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Rice400g
  • Water520cc

[ Blended vinegar ]

  • Vinegar80cc
  • Sugar85g
  • Salt1g

[ Topping ]

  • Shrimp25g
  • Burdock35g
  • Boiled beans35g
  • Dry shitake mushroom25g
  • Sweet rice cooking winesuitable.
  • Soy saucesuitable.

[ Ornament ]

  • Broccoli1/2 stocks
  • Boiled egg1
Rice is sharpened and water of the quantity and win shrimp are added, and cooks rice after I grow old for 30 minutes.
One burdock, well, it's made a child and it's boiled in advance.
Returned dry shitake mushroom is cut into a roughness atom and it's seasoned bittersweetly with burdock.
Boiled beans are made.
I mix the seasoning of the blended vinegar and make them boil once.
Blended vinegar is added to cooked rice and shiitake mushroom, burdock and boiled beans are mixed.
It's dished up in a container, it's boiled and separated broccoli and a strained boiled egg are displayed in Obusa.

Information provided by : The local food which would like to leave it for young men


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