Tatebayashi Udon


This Udon is a typical of Tatebayashi regional specialty and is known for very elastic and flavorful taste.

Tatebayashi Udon

Tatebayashi region has a ideal weather for cultivation and has been known as a place for good wheat production for a long time. In Meiji 34, (1901), Tatebayashi Seifun (later changed its name to Nisshin Co.,) was founded and it resulted in the expansion of the noodle industry utilizing high quality wheat flour in this region. As noodle industry developed and expanded with Nisshin co., hand in hand, and Tatebayashi region became known as the best noodle producer in Japan. Tatebayashi udon is made with high quality wheat and top quality water coming from deep wells in the region. The skills for hand made style noodle is developed over the years. The lulster of the boiled noodle, flavor from wheat and its texture are like no others.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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