Toyama Black Ramen


Very thick and jet-black soup. Very addictive ramen with a pungent flavor that fills you up.

Toyama Black Ramen

A very unique ramen with a jet-black soup made with simmered koikuchi shoyu called "Toyama Black Ramen" is known to be created by a ramen shop in Toyama City "Taiki" in 1947. The soup was made quite salty to serve as a "side dish" for workers who brought rice to the ramen shop. The pungent flavor of soup became popular and there has been an increasing number of ramen shops which serve "Black Ramen." The degree of saltiness defers depending on the shop, however they all come with lots of pepper and shredded negi on top which make the ramen very pungent. The soup also has a rich flavor of roasted pork simmered in the soup.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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