Fiery hot! But yum! A dish loved by the people in Miyazaki Prefecture.


"Karamen" is a very hot ramen dish born in Miyazaki Prefecture. Its hot soup makes you sweat a lot, but you cannot stop eating and wanting to finish the last drop of the soup. The biggest characteristic of the ramen, of course, is its fiery hot flavor. The soup is made with lots of large garlic, and chilies that give rich and hot flavor, that makes this ramen very unique as "fiery hot but people cannot help eating." The chewy noodles made with soba flour and wheat flour go very well with the hot soup, and they are very popular for women as they contain plenty of fibers. Other ingredients include nira that increases appetite, large garlic, fluffy eggs that wrap up the spiciness of the soup, and pork mice.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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