Anglerfish dish


Ibaraki’s winter dish using “blowfish of the West, anglerfish of the East”

Anglerfish dish

Angler fishing is popular in the sea of Ibaraki prefecture. There are various forms of dishes using anglerfish, such as hotpot, liver dish, “Dobujiru” soup, deep fried angler, and marinated angler. Angler is famous as a fish that all parts besides its bones can be eaten. Angler’s liver, stomach, ovary, skin, fin, meat are called “angler’s seven properties”, which you can enjoy different feels and flavors in mouth. Since big anglerfish are difficult to cut on cutting boards, they need to be prepared in a peculiar way called “Tsurushi-giri” (hanging the fish to cut them). Anglerfish can be found in fish markets or restaurants when winter season arrives, and people enjoy cooking them in different forms.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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