A special soup of “hospitality of Aidu” in Aiduwan


A delicacy soup dish made with mamefu, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, satoimo, kikurage, itokonnyaku simmered in dashi made of dried scallops, served in a bowl of Aidunuri. This is a rich soup with a lot of ingredients, however there is a tradition that allows “to have as many bowls as you like” and it shows the hospitality of Aidu people. Koyudu was originally a delicacy in Aiduhan in the old days, and is still a dish for special events. Number of the ingredients is always odd number for good luck.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

[ A ]

  • hoshikaibashira/dried scallops50g
  • water200cc
  • sake1 tablespoon

[ B ]

  • salt1 pinch
  • usukuchi shoyu1/2 teaspoon
  • sake1 tablespoon

[ other ingredients ]

  • dried shiitake mushrooms1
  • carrots1/4
  • kikurage8
  • itokonnyaku1/4
  • warabias needed
  • satoimo2
  • mamefu4 tablespoon
  • ginnan8
  • mitsubaas needed
To make dashi : Put all the ingredients of《A》 together and leave it over night. Keep the water, crumb scallops, and cut shiitake into dice.
Cut itokonyaku into 1cm in length, and satoimo into quarter-round. Boil each.
Cut carrots into quarter-round, warabi into 2cm in length. Rehydrate kikurage, and cut into bite-size. Rehydrate mamefu and drain.
Put 1 and boil, then add itokonnyaku, carrots and kikurage ansd simmer. Once carrots get soft, add satoimo and simmer until soft.
Season with 《B》, add warabi, ginnan and mamefu and heat to a boil.
Pour into a bowl, and garnish with mitsuba.

Information provided by : 100 selections of traditional local food of farms and fisheries


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