Togakushi soba


A local soba noodle dish from where there are most master soba chefs in Japan!

Togakushi soba

"Togakushi soba" refers to soba from Togakushi, Nagano City in Nagano Prefecture. There are some rules to be called "Togakushi soba" - soba should be made with hikigurumi (whole soba flour) and dished out in bundles shaped like a hoof on a plate, Togashi daikon has to be used for a condiment, and the tempura made of the local sansai (mountain vegetables) should be served on the side. As it is said that each home has a master soba chef in Tokakushi, the people and soba have been strongly bonded in the area, thus the local people made the rules with their love for soba.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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