Enjoy as it is served, then with condiments, and with green tea or dashi at last. Three different flavors in one dish.


A dish with small chunks of grilled eels topped on rice in a small ohitsu. It is said that the origin of Hitsumabushi is a staff meal which used offcuts of eels. You can enjoy 3 different flavors of Hitsumabushi from one serving of ohitsu, put some from ohitsu into a bowl and eat as it is, and top with condiments such as negi, kizaminori, and wasabi for the second serving, then again top with condiments and pour green tea or dashi soup over as ochaduke at last. If there is still some left in ohitsu, you can eat it as you prefer. This dish gives a variety of flavors of eels in one serving, and is loved now all over Japan.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


Local cuisine