A dish of a snapper and ocha with various flavors in one.


There is a spawning ground of snappers at an offshore of the Kasashima, and the ryokans at the area have been serving snapper dishes from a long time ago. There are various dishes of snappers such as taimeshi and taimiso, however the most popular dish of recent years is "Taichaduke." Since the snappers around Kasashima grown in the rough seas, the flesh of the snappers gets very firm. Snappers caught in season are moderately fat and have a springy texture, thus are very tasty. Snappers used for Taichaduke are cooked in various ways like grilled, marinated and so on, and ocha poured on the snapper and rice makes the dish even tastier. Some restaurants serve dashi instead of ocha, and trying different flavors of Taichaduke is another way of enjoying this dish.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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