Treat in the rice planting holiday when generation after generation is transmitted


Kakimaburi scatters and adds a topping to sushi rice in ZU SHI, and is eaten local food, and it's made a celebration at home. Freeze-dried bean curd, dry shitake mushroom and boiled fish paste are general, and a topping is decorated with silk thread egg and red pickled ginger showily.

Recipi of cuisin

[ Sushi rice ]

  • Sushi rice3 gou
  • Seaweed5 cm corner
  • Liquor30cc

[ Blended vinegar ]

  • Vinegar60cc
  • Sugar30g
  • Sweet rice cooking wine30cc
  • Saltteaspoon 1

[ Topping ]

  • Freeze-dried bean curd2
  • A dry shitake mushroom3
  • Carrot100g
  • Boiling bamboo shoot100g
  • A boiled fish paste1/2

[ The seasoning ]

  • Soup stock2 cup
  • Thin shou oiltablespoon 2
  • Sugar20g
  • Sweet rice cooking winetablespoon 1

[ Display ]

  • Fried egg cut like threadproper amount
  • A snow peaproper amount
  • Red pickled gingerproper amount
  • Paddy glueproper amount
Seaweed and liquor are put in, blended vinegar of the quantity is added to cooked rice and sushi rice is made.
The returned dry shitake mushroom, freeze-dried bean curd, carrot and boiled bamboo shoot are made the small strip of paper limit. A boiled fish paste, like, it's cut.
Snow pea pulls the strings, boils it with salt and makes it cut diagonally.
It's boiled and included until soup puts the seasoning in a pot and boils, and disappears including the material of(2). Just before turning off heat, boiled fish paste is put in.
A topping of(4) which cut a juice into sushi rice is added and the whole is mixed.
I heap(5) on a container, train, take it and scatter fried egg cut like thread, snow pea and the red pickled ginger which did shredding.

Information provided by : Wakayama-ken Marine Products Division of agriculture and forestry Agricultural production bureau The fruit gardening department.



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