One piece of good harvest prayer necessary to a farmer


When rice planting in June ended, it was farmer's custom to be thankful that safe rice planting has ended in "god in a rice field", wish for a good harvest in autumn and make Houbazushi.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

[ Sushi rice ]

  • Rice4gou(560g)
  • Vinegar80cc
  • Salttablespoon 1/2
  • Sugar50g

[ The material of the topping ]

  • leaf of bracken and Japanese pepper, bamboo shoot, dried gourd shaving, shiitake mushroom and carrot.

[ Broth ]

  • Sugar1/4
  • Soy sauce1/4
  • Soup stock soup1/2
  • Leaf of the one
  • Straw40-50
A bract gets wet and keeps dirt by a washcloth.
Sushi rice is made.
I blow, cut brackens, leaves of SAN SHO, shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots, etc. into the size easy to eat and simmer respectively. I cut carrot into fine strips, simmer and prepare a topping of sushi.
In the center if I'm ready for a topping, which opens a leaf of a bract, and is a leaf.2-3 kinds expands about cup of sushi rice into about 1 cm of thickness in a bowl lightly, and open, pile up and wrap a favorite topping on it, and half day gets up and makes the fragrance of the bract sink into rice.

Information provided by : AIchi folklore dish collection


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