Fragrance smoked by a hearth made in the floor and saltiness of the peculiar sweetness of the rice bran and pickles are exquisite.


The thing by which "GAKKO" is pickles by Akita's dialect. To be valued highly as preserved foods from the old days as the pickles made "smoldering = warming (smoked)"," it smolders, GAKKO". The hours of sunshine are circled and are little and it's difficult for the mountains to dry Japanese radish sufficiently by the sun in Akita-ken with a lot of snow. Therefore it seems that the way to hang Japanese radish on the hearth made in the floor, smoke and pickle something smoked by rice bran and salt was contrived. Nature and a meal advance towards the simple taste of the fragrant and sweet fragrance and the rice bran with which a tree reflected on pickles burns.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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