Ujo Golden Sushi


A gorgeous sushi imitating the Okayama Castle, which one can fully enjoy the local products

Ujo Golden Sushi

This is an inventive sushi based on “Okayama bara sushi”, a representative dish of Okayama, imitating the Okayama Castle, also known as “Kinujo”. Black beans are used to portray the black walls of the castle tower, and yellow Chinese chives and gold leaf are used to portray the golden roof tiles and the shachihoko fish on the roof-ridges. The seafood from Setonaikai sea such as Sawara (Spanish mackerel), mamakari (Japanese sardinella), and octopus, as well as various mountain vegetables, which are originally used for bara sushi, signify the exquisite inside of the castle. It is a new specialty with a gorgeous appearance. It is a sushi with the wisdom of artisans of Okayama Sushi Workers Association and plenty of ingredients Okayama proudly present.

Information provided by : gurutabi


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