The bean jam wrapped in soft rice cake and soy sauce flavored soup stock are the exquisite taste.


During kneading glutinous rice and rounding in the shape of the egg as "Kei orchid" is its name, bean jam of adzuki beans is put in, that, they're seaweed and the one of the shiitake mushroom and, the rice cake dish which is eaten by the soup to which I have been out. It's eaten in the Shimokita area of Nanbu of Aomori-ken mainly. It was eaten as a treat of an autumn end, but former days are often taken out by the table at the time of congratulation and condolence recently. Further the rice cake with which you colored red and white is used by a happy event and small rice cake (the quail's egg large) and the rice cake with which you colored blue (green) are used by bereavement. The appearance is also elegant and a graceful white Kei orchid is the local food which can be satisfied with the exquisite taste with the glutinous rice, the bean jam and the soup stock.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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