A dish for a hot summer day. A bowl of rice in cold miso soup.


This is a traditional rice bowl dish made of fish dumplings, roasted miso, ground sesame seeds, tofu and dashi poured over cold barley rice. The dashi is usually made with kelp and head and bones of fish, usually horse mackerel, flying fish and barracuda. In an old history book back in the Kamakura Era, Kamakura-kanryoukekiroku, there is a description as “Buke (samurai) pours soup on rice, monk pours cold soup on rice.” This dish spread to all over Japan later, however, this cold rice soup became a local specialty in Miyazaki where summer is quite hot and hard, and is still a staple summer dish at home.

Recipi of cuisin

for 6 persons

  • momen tofu360g
  • myogaas needed
  • shisoas needed
  • cucumberas needed
  • roasted sesame seeds1 pinch
  • ice cubesas needed
  • katsuo dashi650~750cc

[ A ]

  • mugi miso110g
  • ENdried sardines/iwashinoiriko (ground) or flake of grilled horse mackerels55g
  • crushed peanuts55g
  • white sesame seeds25g
Cut momen tofu into bite-sized pieces. Cut a cucumber into round slices, and myouga and shiso into thin strips (sengiri).
Put all the ingredients of A into a bowl and mix well.
Cook #2 mixture until golden brown in a frying pan at low heat.
Put #3 and dashi in a blender and mix them for 3 minutes.
Put some of the #4 mixture and crushed ice cubes in a bowl, and mix (hiyajiru). Put cold rice in another bowl, top with tofu, cucumber, myouga and shiso, and sprinkle roasted sesame seeds. Pour hiyajiru over the rice.

Information provided by : 100 selections of traditional local cuisines of farms and fishery


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