An essential dish for winter guests


This is a dish made during autumn to winter, when the busy farming season is over and the water from the ponds are removed and crucian carps are caught. Crucian carps in winter are very tasty, with no smell and a lot of fat. It is a dish original to Sanuki area where there are many reservoirs. Teppai is also called “teppo ae”, but the origin of its name is not clear.crucian carp

Recipi of cuisin

  • crucian carp1 middle sized
  • white radish600g
  • chili
  • spring onionslittle
  • saltlittle

[ Seasoning ]

  • white miso100g
  • sugar60g
  • vinegarosaji3
Fillet the fish into 3 pieces. Remove stomach bones and cut into small pieces. Sprinkle salt and mix well. Leave for about 30mins and add vinegar to cover.
Cut white radish into fine strips. Add salt and mix well. Leave for 10-15mins and remove water well.
Mix seasonings in a grinding bowl. Add (2), spring onions cut in small pieces and chili. Add (1).The amount of sugar can vary as the white miso is sweet.

Information provided by : kagawaken nouseisuisanbu nougyokeieika

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