The "fisherman feed" by which the freshness is the life, in a relish taken with sake. With horse mackerel of a basic and bonito.


The "Namerou" which is one kind of fish minced meat. It's one of hit fisherman feeds until more stickinesses add fermented soybean paste and mince of leek ginger to horse mackerel (horse mackerel) mainly for the local food transmitted around the Boso-hanto coastal area, and goes out. When fish of saury, bonito and squid is used instead of horse mackerel. By the way, to use fermented soybean paste, not soy sauce spills with soy sauce at the ship top where waves are rough, so it's said to be because fermented soybean paste was used. I don't keep well, so while being fresh, I'd like to taste after cooking immediately.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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