Koayu simmered in Japanese Pepper


Spring treasures of Biwako Lake

Koayu simmered in Japanese Pepper

This is a dish of small ayu (sweetfish) caught in Biwako Lake simmered with Japanese pepper in sweet and salty sauce. Even the bones become soft so the whole fish can be enjoyed. Be careful not to touch it while simmering it, as the heads will come off!

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  • koayu (small sweetfish)500g
  • Japanese pepper corns20g
  • soy sauce1/2 cup
  • sugar1/2 – 3/4 cup
  • sake50~70ml
  • mirinosaji2
Wash the koayu and drain the water.
Boil soy sauce, sugar and sake in a pot and bring to boil. Add the koayu.
Add Japanese pepper corns when the sauce boils. Simmer in gentle heat for about 20mins.
Add mirin when the sauce boils down. Simmer for about 5mins in low heat.
Turn over the fish before the sauce boils down.

Information provided by : Delicious collection of Shiga Prefecture

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