Fuku ryori


A dish of fuku (happiness) from Shimonoseki, endorsed by Hirofumi Ito

Fuku ryori

It is said that fuku (fugu) has been eaten in Yamaguchi Prefecture “from more than 3000 years ago.” In Yamaguchi Prefecture, people call “fugu” “fuku” meaning happiness. There is a large variety of fuku cuisines such as sashimi, tessa, zousui, shirako, and hirezake. In the Azuchimomoyama Period a large number of bushi suffered from fuku’s poison, and eating of fuku was forbidden for a while. However in 1888, then Prime Minister Hirofumi Ito had fuku in Shimonoseki and was impressed with how tasty it was, then gave permission to eat fuku. Later fuku cuisines were introduced to all over Japan. In Shimonoseki there is an organization called “Shimonoseki Fuku Association” and it has been introducing fuku cuisines through a variety of events.

Information provided by : Tourism Association of Yamaguchi Prefecture

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