Amago Dishes


A refreshing fish that is at its best season in early summer. There are various ways of cooking the fish, also known as the queen of riverfish.

Amago Dishes

Amago (red spotted masu trout) is called “queen of riverfish”. They live in the clear waters of Tsu city since long ago. The appearance and beauty of the fish is said to be affected by the natural environment, and the amago from Misugi are said to be rare across the country. The 20km basin of Sakamotogawa, a branch of Kumozugawa that runs through Misugicho is designated as a semi-national park, and is famous for amago fishing. Misugicho has various kinds of amago dishes where one can enjoy the delicious amago in their unique ways of cooking. The best season is early summer, but they can be eaten throughout the year. Grill, sashimi, deep fried karaage, nanbanzuke (deep fried and marinated in spicy sour sauce) and kanroni (simmered in syrup) are to a few ways of cooking them. Even bones are edible when cooked, and the springy flesh can be enjoyed when eaten as sashimi.

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