Hotate Kayaki Miso


Hearty taste of home for the people of Aomori

Hotate Kayaki Miso

This scallop dish uses its large shell as a cooking pan, where the scallop, eggs, and leeks are simmered in miso-based broth. The locals are very familiar with it, and say that the longer the shells are used, the more flavours come out to add to the soup. If you visit their home, it is not uncommon to find scallop shells that have been repeatedly used in the kitchen. In the days when eggs were still precious, Hotate Kayaki Miso was a special meal that mothers prepared for their children when they were not feeling well. For the people of Aomori, Hotate Kayaki Miso has a heart-warming taste that brings them fond memories of their home. 

Information provided by : Sales Strategy Division, Aomori Prefectural Office


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