Simmered Alfonsino


Thick oily fish simmered in a sweet, spicy sauce. Enjoy the bright red color.

Simmered Alfonsino

The Izu region of Shizuoka is well known for its kinmedai (alfonsino). Mainly caught around Shimoda, Inatori, and Ito, the ones caught in the seas around Inatori are especially prized for their oily flesh and great flavor. The majority of the catch is bought up by ryokan and fancy restaurants around Izu, so they can be difficult buy. The bream has thick, oily flesh and bright red skin, and is often served whole for celebrations around Inatori. It is also delicious as sashimi or grilled, but the best way to enjoy alfonsino is simmered in sauce. Enjoy the refined flavor of the soft, oily flesh.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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