A delicacy of rich, aromatic, and tasty seafood.


A traditional local food of Toyama Prefecture that has been passed down since the Edo Period. This food was born due to an easy access to good quality kobu made in Hokkaido through Kitamaebune, which was crossing the Sea of Japan at that time. Kobujime was originally just a cooking method of preserving fish, however, since kobu had such a tasty flavor and was rich in nutrition, it later became a delicacy for guests or was used as a gift as well. Kobujime is very easy to prepare - cut up fresh fish into sashimi, wrap with kobu, and leave it over night. It only takes three procedures, but kobu gives a rich flavor and saltiness to the fish, and soaks the moisture of the fish at the same time and makes it chewy and rich in flavor. The staple fish for Kobujime is Kurokajiki, but chickens and vegetables are sometimes used as well.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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