White bait


Everyone wants to try the famous live white bait at least once. Watch the white darlings splish and splash.

White bait

Running between the Nishi and Sawara districts of town is the Muromi river. A trap for whitebait known locally as ‘Yana’ is placed in the river come February of every year to signify the commencement of fishing season once more, and is essential in any traditional celebrations hoping for another year of good catch. In this locality, white bait are the messengers of the arrival of spring. They are members of the goby family of fish, with length of 4-5 centimeters and crystal clear to milky white in color. The freshly caught white bait can be enjoyed at restaurants along the Muromi river. They can be mixed in tempura or cooked with egg, however the best way to eat it is the ‘odorigui’ or eaten live. Swallow the fish and enjoy the unique sensation as they splash down your throat, or chew them as they splash around in your mouth and enjoy that faint sweetness.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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