The local food of Hotojima, Tsukumi-shi origination men in a sea ate on the ship boldly


Hotojima in Tsukumi-shi learned about as a base for ocean tuna fishing. The local food and Hyuga by which the men in a sea who go out to deep-sea fishing from the harbor were selling a caught fish by the place and were eating boldly on the ship as a board dish are a bowl. Fish, yellowtail, Spanish mackerel and horse mackerel. It's also charm that you can eat the beginning as an ordinary bowl thing, apply tea break from the way and enjoy a change in the taste of two stages that I'll take boiled rice with tea. To the extent this HYUU says that a bowl is made when a rejoicings etc. person is also a popular dish centering on Tsukumi-shi, and gathers round in Hotojima.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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