Shishinabe (Shishijiru)


A nabe made with wild boar which has been inhabiting in the mountains in Nara Prefecture, that keeps our body warm in cold winter

Shishinabe (Shishijiru)

Since the meat of wild boars has distinctive smell, there are lots of potherbs and vegetables such as gobou, negi, mizuna, kukuna, ginger and konazanshou are used to eliminate the smell, and it is simmered with miso. "Shishinabe" is a nabe to eat in a cold winter night to keep your body warm. There have been various kinds of wild animals inhabiting in the mountains in Nara Prefecture, and they have been feeding on nuts in the mountains and coexisting with humans since the old days. Since there is no coast line in Nara Prefecture and the resource of protein was not abundant, hunting was very active in the area. Wild boas and deer were the staple foodstuff, and hunting actually helped to balance the number of the wild animals in the mountains.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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