Misozuke (wheat pork marinated in Miso paste)


Rich in Umami of the meat! This popular dish is rich and light in the same time.

Misozuke (wheat pork marinated in Miso paste)

Pork production is very high in the Gunma prefecture, and there are many high quality processed foods using this quality pork. There are rich in flavor, aroma and quality. The Joshu Mugi Pork Misozuke are made with Joshu mugi pork which was grown in hygiene managed environment by the several producers, marinated in Mugi Miso (barley miso) made in Ueno village in the Gunma prefecture. This pork is very light and full of rich flavor and Umami. Shoulder and back loin are normally used for this dish. Because of the marination, meat is very tender and juicy. This is also popular as a gift.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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