Setashijimi Rice


Superb taste! Basket clams of Biwako Lake

Setashijimi Rice

The shijimi (basket clams) from the Seta River that comes from the Biwako Lake are called setashijimi. Setashijimi cooked with rice is famous around the Biwako Lake area. The clams brought up in freshwater has little smell but strong taste. The rice that absorbs the flavor of setashijimi is the best.

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for [:ja]2~3[:en]Serves 2-3[:de]2~3[:ru]2~3[:es]2~3[:fr]2~3[:it]2~3[:ko]2~3[:th]2~3[:zh]2~3[:ch]2~3[:] persons

  • setashijimi (with shells)400g(80-100g without shells)
  • rice2go
  • light soy sauceosaji2.5
  • sakeosaji2.5
  • gingerlittle
Wash rice and drain the water in a basket and leave for about 30mins.
Remove the sand from setashijimi. Wash and rub in water.
Place setashijimi in a pot. Add some water, boil and remove the shells. Drain the setashijimi in a basket. Do not discard the broth.
Place rice (1), broth from boiling the setashijimi (2), soy sauce and sake in a rice cooker. Add water and setashijimi, and cook rice as normal.
Mix well when cooked and leave to steam for 15mins. Serve in a rice bowl, and garnish with thinly cut ginger.Using an earthenware pot is even better.

Information provided by : Shiga of delicious collection


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